tom hardy enthusiast by day,
christoph waltz lover by night.



Nine 1/2 Minutes starring Zoe Telford and David Tennant

Mmmk seriously,

Writing this essay.

when i say the doctor in a sentence should i capitalize it to The Doctor or the Doctor?

Today i broke a little girls heart…

and told her that Christopher Eccleston was going to regenerate….

my god what have i done.

Goodbye Ye Olde Textbook.

it was only months ago we began our obsession…

you being so dashingly cunning in Hamlet,

me being so easily distracted and stupid enough to watch a 6 series television show while going thorough my first semester of college.

i regret nothing..

Okay you all are making me jealous with your Much Ado About Nothing David Tennant and Cathrine Tate Gifs…..

where can i watch the actual play?

LOOK AT THIS MAN!!!! dont you deprive me from this glory!


Was there ever a point where you followed the social norms of straight people, instead of exploring your own?

"Since I am bisexual I find it easier to participate in heteronormative behavior around my friends, and I would avoid mentioning the attractiveness of a girl (say, when discussing celebrities, "Oh, that David Tennent is so hot!" I would refrain from saying something like "Yeah, almost as hot as Natalie Portman!") around them for fear of making people uncomfortable"

CAN I SAY, god bless the person who answered this question. Bravo!

now. back to studying….

So Distraught.

now does anyone know… now that I’ve seen Journey’s End…

should i watch The Next Doctor, or The End Of Time parts One & Two?