tom hardy enthusiast by day,
christoph waltz lover by night.

  • xavier: did yall make some food?
  • me: yeah, wait no did you try the brownies?
  • xavier: are they hash brownies, if they're not hash brownies i dont want any!
  • me:
  • xavier:
  • me:
  • mom: but you don't even like potatoes!!!
  • me:
  • xavier:
  • me: oh my god

A conversation on studying abroad in London

  • Mariah: I'd be scared to go there though
  • Me: Why?
  • Mariah:
  • Me:
  • Mariah:
  • Me: Why are you scared?
  • Mariah: I don't know how to make proper tea.
  • me: *sneeze*
  • chelsea: god bless you! we gettin all religious up here on black friday.
  • mariah:
  • me:
  • chelsea:
  • mariah: what?


magnifymybetterhalf replied to your post: ps

omg so ryah disowned me haha sad. all of a sudden she disconnected and never. came. back. omg o well. nighty night.

something went wrong with her facetime. she tried calling you back for like 5 minutes straight and it wouldn’t connect. it was a sad, sad thing.

no i disowned you.